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There is no doubt about it, men today are searching, they're busy, they're full of fear, doubt, running from place to place, and wondering how to pull it all off.

What I recognize is something that dozens of people have told me, and I'm not sure that I've fully ever understood, although it makes complete sense. “Mike, you need to have a plan, you need to have goals, and you need to stick with it."

Yes, I've done and tried all the things I mentioned. I've stuck with a plan, I've tried to create goals and attain them, and a good majority of the time it has all come together and worked. Then there's the rest of the time, where I write a goal down on paper and completely forget that it’s even there and I don’t take action on it.

I attribute most of this to trying to control everything in my life. You know how it goes? You just keep griping the steering of life tight and you don’t want to let go. The thought of trying to let go and turn it over to my heavenly Father occurred to me in those moments but it didn’t feel like a logically way to go. After all, wasn’t it me that needed to fight through everything? If we're all being honest with each other, as we should be, my hunch is more men than not are experiencing the same thing I did.

My goal in True Man True Ways: A Roadmap of Discovery to the Masculine Heart, is to give you roadmap to help you maneuver through the challenges of life and some rest stops to think about the purpose and direction of where you want to go. Of course, having directions, a map, a GPS, a way to get you where you're going is important.

Knowing and planning your route to get to where you want to go when you're on a trip is important. Knowing which exits to take and the right on or off ramp is important, but sometimes what we miss along our journey, are the rest stops to replenish our souls. What I hope to provide you with in this book are rest stops to pause, to rest, to replenish, and provide you thought time, to get you where you want to go.

Is there a right or wrong way on your journey? If you loosen the grip you have on the wheel of life and choose a wiser GPS system by way of God, all roads will lead you where you want to go in becoming better men, better fathers and better husbands.

So join me on this journey as I share with you one of the most thrilling days of my life and all of the lessons that I learned on that day. Let’s get the car warmed up and ready to go with some crucial information and directions for your trip. Then I’ll show you some great rest stops to learn, grow, and develop.

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